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Some parts of tgreat #CustomerService will never, ever go out of style no matter what technology does       |       For a good #FridayFeeling, a blog with a few wise sayings collected through a very long life #Kindness       |       @Grumbleking @realDonaldTrump We shall remain quiet and neutral, but smile knowingly. Everyone can use more tact an…       |       @JessicaWarrene Great! We're glad you joined us today and hope you get everything you want out of the training. #NeverStopLearning       |       Remember: Being completely terrible at something is the first step to being pretty darn good at it via @TheMuse


Dan Rose

Yesterday we looked at why people should wash their hands frequently and the consequences when they don’t. Today, we hit the average office, which can be a virtual petri dish for studies in many ways. But for today, we’ll worry about the literal meaning of a petri dish as a place to grown germs, bacteria and viruses. The germiest place in your office is probably in…

Dan Rose

It was “Global Handwashing Day” a few days ago, which you might have overlooked because it was also “National Cheese Curd Day” and nothing can stand in the way of that delicious decadence from our friends in Wisconsin. It’s also a reminder that we’ll be into the late fall and winter months soon. The time when colds and flu bugs make life miserable for many….

Brenda Smyth

It was my first job out of school and one of my first business trips … A colleague, Billie, took me under her wing to “show me the ropes” at a big convention. As she gathered abandoned food receipts off random tables to pad her expense report and flirted with every male employee in the…

Cameron Bishop

Last week, I looked at what qualities older generations of workers look for in a workplace. Especially in regards to mobility, communication, hierarchal structure and more. I covered the Silent Generation (b. 1925-1945) who can still be found in the workplace … through the Baby Boomers (1946-1955) … and one that is gaining in popularity, Generation Jones (1956-1965). Generation Jones takes the latter part of…